Xbox 360 not updating video library

13-Nov-2017 22:48

But with its successor, the Xbox One, hitting stores in November -- along with its arch-rival, the Play Station 4 -- is there any reason to sink 0 into a new 360?

And even if you do set your sights on the 360, is the latest model the biggest bang for your buck?

I spent some time with the 360 E, and here's what I found out. the previous 360 A bit smaller than 2010’s Xbox 360 S (I'm talking millimeters here), there's really only a few aesthetic changes to the design of the 360 E.

For starters, it's designed to fall in line with stylings of the Xbox 360's incoming successor, Xbox One.

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A cable for a composite connection (yellow video plus red/white stereo audio) comes in the box, but you'll need to find a component one for HD.

I don't understand why we have USB 3.0 ports on the Xbox One, yet we can't access media through hard drives.