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Scientists from Russia, the UK and Australia are currently examining whether items "made by Denisovans" in the Altai cave are even older than first understood.

Among these are the world's oldest needle, and the bracelet which has a hole made by a drilling and rasping, previously thought to be a technological advance some 12,000 years ago in the Neolithic era, and not earlier."The bracelet is stunning - in bright sunlight it reflects the sun rays, at night by the fire it casts a deep shade of green," said Professor Anatoly Derevyanko, former director of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography, in Novosibirsk."It is unlikely it was used as an everyday jewellery piece.

Is there anybody that I can contact within the Greenfield construction division/NBNCo etc in order to get our house looked at for inclusion, or am I out of luck?

I have already attempted to conduct a network extension request and was told no, and I've contacted the NBNCo customer service via their twitter, but was provided with no explanation as to why the footprint goes past my house other than "It's part of the greenfield rollout". Edit: Additionally, is there any news on the Rockingham rollout? My parents are down there and my mum said she thought she saw some workers but I don't think it was NBN.

A stunning green-hued chlorite bracelet, a marble ring, and beads from an ostrich eggshell necklace, highlighted by The Siberian Times are all Denisovan handiwork, say Russian experts"The distance from the only currently known home of the Denisovans in Altai region to the nearest point of Australia is roughly akin to the length of the Trans-Siberian railway, and yet it is looking increasingly likely that these ancient species of humanoids somehow made this epic journey deep in pre-history," reported the website, citing scientists.

In a separate interview, Prof Roberts – who is closely involved in dating finds in the Denisovan cave and other ancient Siberian sites – said it could not be ruled out that Denisovans were the first to Australia.

The archaic people are known to have lived in Altai Mountains of southern Russia yet their DNA shows up in the aboriginal people of Australia and the Melanesians of Papua New Guinea to a far greater extent than in any other modern-day populations worldwide. "It was essential to "get to the bottom of what happened regarding human evolution in Altai", he said, urging "meticulous dating of all finds".

Professor Richard “Bert” Roberts, the director of the Centre for Archaeological Science at the University of Wollongong, told in Russia: "To me personally the most interesting question is how four per cent of Denisovan' DNA got into the Aboriginal people? The Denisovans first identified in 2008 as being a distinct human branch to Neanderthals and homo sapiens, although there was crossbreeding between all three.

"But it's miraculously in Aboriginal people at the present day in much greater quantities than any other people around the world. "That's still very much a moot point and we're not sure.The Sanger method is more commonly used because it has been proven technically easier to apply, and, with the advent of PCR and automation of the technique, is easily applied to long strands of DNA including some entire genes.