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05-Jun-2017 07:13

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I never have the intention of providing advice that will lead men to imploding their marriage, but when you change the rules of the relationship there is no guarantee that she will want to play.

My goal is to help you embrace your masculinity, Sex in marriage has been something I’ve covered in depth since the beginning of TFA.

The wife on the other hand, she has to face the fact that this is either her husband wanting something new that he saw or heard about somewhere, or he is changing, which is something women She certainly has it in her.

Whether she was your slut before you got complacent as a man or maybe you’re trying to get it out of her for the first time, it makes no difference in what elements are needed to get it out of her. Let’s not forget to mention the elephant in the room.

He ‘earned’ it through his game, kino, alpha behavior, being what she needed at that point is that he had to be, , as long as you are doing it for you and not because you feel she owes it to you.

That underlying tone of butt-hurt will bleed through your behaviors and will be detrimental to any course of action you take.

The key thing to keep in mind is that my goal goes further than improving the quality and quantity of sex you’re having; it’s to help you build the confidence to where you ‘ that is your wife’s inner whore, there’s no way to turn it off.But if you slip back to your old ways she is going to turn to a man who will satisfy this new craving that you’ve created.Once she has that taste and feels that it’s ok to let loose, she will desire raw masculine power and want to get tossed around and be physically satisfied.Disclaimer: I was quite hesitant when I first published this post back in December 2015 because what I advise is strictly for those guys who have fully unplugged.

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This information is for the men out there who already recognize the prioritization of the female imperative in our society, understand the complexity of the attack on masculinity, as well as having allowed the Red Pill to dissolve in all aspects of hypergamy and sexual attraction.To them I say this: if you decided to forgive/get over your wife’s whore past, then you anything as she doesn’t owe you shit.

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