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Impartiality is the necessary fiction that allows the BBC to exist.A public service broadcaster that didn’t attempt to hold its head above bias would be untenable, and this is why the BBC’s editorial guidelines make it clear that news and current affairs presenters are not to publish their personal views on “controversial subjects”.There’s no way to avoid picking a side when you yourself are the disputed territory.In fact, look elsewhere on the BBC, and you’ll see that impartiality on the gender issue is long gone – in the opposite direction to Murray’s civil questioning.Under that headline, Murray criticised some claims of trans activism (and she was careful to say she was talking about the extreme of the debate): that anyone who identifies as a woman has “always been a woman” no matter the age at which they transition, and that references to the female body should be censored in the interests of inclusion.interview with Murray that India Willoughby, a former ITV news presenter who transitioned in her 40s, declared that women with unshaved legs are “dirty”.They looked loved-up and at one point were seen outside, exchanging forehead kisses.

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The 45-year-old actress recently spilled on what her dating life has been like since her split with ex Ben Affleck in 2015.

Last night, Crimewatch on BBC One featured an appeal to trace Lisa Hauxwell, a 48-year-old convicted of two rapes and seven charges of indecent assault against teenage girls.