My ps3 has trouble updating games

26-Jun-2017 23:05

my ps3 has trouble updating games-83

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This is dependent on whether your version of the Windows Operating System is x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit).If you're not sure how to check this, it's covered in the Questions and Answers section of this guide.Because there's so much information here, we've created a numbered list of links below to help you quickly identify the section that answers your questions, and then jump right to it.Any modern machine with a decent graphics card should have no problems with the emulator.If you have already followed the steps above to update your PPSSPP Emulator to the latest version, and have also updated your VC 2013 Runtime, you can try to install new DLL files.

If you have this problem, you're probably not right clicking the PPSSPP file icon, and selecting 'Run as Administrator.' Try that, and see if it helps.

Please note that these steps are exactly the same for each of the two DLL files you'll be downloading (MSVCP100.dll' and 'MSVCR100.dll'), so we've only provided the instructions once.

Simply repeat them for the second file, substituting the name.

Of course, the developers who code it didn't have to write the code for free, so if you have a few dollars to send their way, why not?

Even though it isn't free, it's also not expensive.

If you don't select 'Run as Administrator', the application will close immediately after you open it.