Invalidating mother

30-Sep-2017 09:22

To be honest and clear with your child about what constitutes your own ethics, morals, and priorities, but NOT to state that “this is the right way” and imply that anything else is “wrong.”4.To love your child and accept them for who they are.You didn’t mean to hurt your brother’s feelings.”Or for older kids:“Try harder on your homework.You want to show the teacher you know your letters/You want to learn how to read.”“You want to get into a good college, so do your work.”“You want to do a good job in the play, right?You’re saying this is my house and in my house these are the rules. Or, just let him make his own choices and deal with natural consequences (preferred method).Later on in life, you’re setting your child up to understand that there are rules. This works better with older kids/teens/young adults.

By this I mean that they try and tell their kids what is “right” and what is “wrong,” and I am not talking about murder or theft here, I’m talking about stuff like doing homework or dating or who to be friends with.) So here is how you can aim to teach your kid that sometimes you have to suck things up or deal with the consequences without telling him what to think/what is “right.”1.