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27-Jun-2017 16:59

Senior dating sites make sure that you can quickly get in touch with people who are your own age, without having to sift through hundreds of other dating profiles.

But the key to older dating online is finding the right website for you.

Using an in-depth questionnaire sets out to understand each individual on a range of key dimensions such as values, beliefs, intellect and character.

e Harmony uses this understanding to pre-screen potential matches and“If you were to walk into a room with a hundred people in it, e Harmony would tell you the best 10 to talk to,” explains Senior Research Scientist Dr. “The chemistry and physical attraction is still down to you.”She had been single for five years and Tim for 11.

It's successfully launched thousands of happy and lasting relationships.

The worry over trying to find that elusive person that you seem to just 'click' with, constantly having to field questions from friends wanting to set you up with 'the perfect man', and the utter anxiety before those dreaded first dates with someone your 'best friend's neighbours friend' said you would love... Online dating means that now, at the touch of a button, a whole world of potential suitors are available, and the best part?

These staggering trends are the product of fundamental shifts in UK society such as longer life expectancy and the desire for younger people to delay settling down in favour of career development or the pursuit of personal goals.

The growing rank of Britain’s single population is good news for the online dating industry.

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With the freedom that the internet brings is also creates a new problem – too much choice.

With the internet teeming with thousands of intelligent, young-at-heart singles many are turning to new technology to transform their chances of finding someone that they have a deeper connection with.