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Going for coffee is social time for Bosnians, and you’ll rarely see a person sitting by themselves in a cafe.

Bosnians can sit for hours with their friends, talking about the news, daily gossip, or whatever information passed their ears that week, with a bosanska kafa situated in front of them.

The woman of the house is the one who cooks and cleans, even if she holds a steady job, while the man works on outdoor chores or simply lays on the couch watching sports when he isn’t working.

For newer generations, the roles are changing for the most part; however, families that were getting started during the Bosnian War remain more traditional and handfuls of new generation families still cling to old traditions. There are plenty of sports open to males, such as the nation’s most popular sport soccer, and even swimming and skating too.

Due to the fact that many of the animals were previously owned and raised as pets, they are often kind and don’t bother strangers without being provoked.

If you decide to pet the dogs or cats, just be sure to wash your hands afterwards; you’ll notice that almost any animal seems to be in search of some love!

Since then stray dogs and cats can be found on every street, often scrounging through garbage cans for food.

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When Bosnians feel like coffee, they don’t care where they stop; though they may have a favorite place or a favorite drink, it isn’t always a priority.It’s a wonderful part of Bosnian life that makes you truly come to appreciate the country and culture, as well as just sit down and enjoy the company around you.Public transportation wouldn’t seem like an obvious cultural difference to the naked eye.When Americans first arrive in Bosnia, it may be a bit of a struggle adjusting to sitting down for coffee for so long, but soon they’ll find themselves boasting the amount of hours they’ve sat in those cafe chairs, conversing or working on small projects.

Coffee in Bosnia is nearly sacred and coffee time is never skipped.

Typically, Bosnians are more aggressive towards animals, shooing them away or kicking them if they get too close.