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Another cufflink was loaded with an open-source computer operating system known as Linux, which is popular with computer programmers.

He hoped the programme would allow ISIS fighters to communicate anonymously online to avoid detection.

Commander Dean Haydon, head of the Met's counter-terrorism command SO15, said of Ullah's plot: 'It is the first time we have seen anything on this scale.'He was an internet terrorist.

He had set up a self-help library for terrorists around the world and they were using his library.'There was guidance on encryption, ways to avoid detection from police and security services, expert tuition around missile systems and a vast amount of propaganda.'He was self-taught.

He has accessed it online himself and compiled a lot of material and put it into his own library.'He has created a one-stop shop for terrorists.

In my view he was a very dangerous individual although he was operating from his bedroom.'We have a number of people accessing his library for advice and guidance as I have described.'Individuals have been arrested in other countries.

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He said the investigation was 'challenging' because it meant a move away from the traditional threats and into the 'virtual world'.

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