Collin varallo and devin grissom dating

19-Jun-2017 16:11

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Grissom made her choice at the beginning of July, but contracts forbid the two from being together until after the finale airs in September. The public relations major watches the Thursday airings of “Sweet Home Alabama” with friends.“It’s been fun to see their reactions and opinions when I know who I’ve already picked,” Grissom says. They come up with secret plans on how to make me spill the beans, but I even have code names in my phone for the guys, in case they’re looking over my shoulder when I’m texting them.” She thinks the editing of “Sweet Home Alabama” has accurately reflected what happened.Although he was not a complete stranger to show business – he did some modeling in his “younger days” – he found the presence of the cameras and filming from 6 midnight jarring and tiring at first, though he adjusted quickly.“They actually got to come down and meet some of the guys.After he got to meet them and see that they were good people, he felt a lot better about it.” Grissom went in to “Sweet Home Alabama” a little wary but hopeful she might actually land the guy of her dreams. The University of Alabama junior received a message via Facebook that she’d be perfect for a new set-in-Alabama reality show that was being cast. “They sent me a follow-up message with a phone number saying, ‘Please just call, we’d love to interview for this,’” she says.“So I thought I’d just give it a try.” And that’s how Grissom, a 20-year-old from Memphis with no previous TV experience, became the star of “Sweet Home Alabama.” When it premiered in July, 20 young men were vying for the attention of Grissom.

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The CMT recruiter from the Crawfish Boil called him the day after the concert.

I’ve formed great friendships with all of those guys, and I talk to some of them every day. I’m pretty sure for ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’ that you have a six-month period before the show even premieres.