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04-Aug-2017 15:02

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As the era of "Peak TV" has toppled over on itself, cinema at least partly took back the reins of cultural conversation.

Amid an ongoing onslaught of news and information, the idea of genuinely focusing on something else for a few hours often seemed the better thing to do.

Priced around £50 in the UK, it certainly isn’t the cheapest option around and I can see many grumbling about the price.

However, when you take into consideration the design and how great it is, it’s a recommended purchase for those wanting to add a bit of flair to their system. The NZXT HUE can be summed up with simply one word, and that word is wow!

Two years after #Oscars So White propelled representation front and center at the Academy Awards, how much progress did Hollywood really make at the movies in 2017 – a banner year for conversations around social change that pushed the culture forward?

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Viewing the effects of Hue verify how stunning the LEDs really are – the colours are vibrant and entire system definitely livens up any rig, giving it that “wow” factor. Met ‘passende accessoires’ praat ik uiteraard in eerste instantie over de Hue kit die we hier uitvoerig hebben laten zien en die je voor een tientje of zes maar liefst vier RGB LED-strips, een zak kabels, en een hippe controller geeft.

They're shiny extras, in the same way that the HUE is a shiny extra.