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10-Oct-2017 04:29

It seemed like the next logical step and we had loosely been discussing getting engaged. Scroll down to the comments and share how long you were dating before your moved in with your current (or ex) partner.

We loved each other for sure, but looking back we had been fighting .

, the couple hung out at Soho House into the wee hours of Monday morning, with Selena stepping out in a long Grecian-inspired blush pink gown and The Weeknd in a black t-shirt, jeans, and dark green vest.

, saying she’s “really” happy in her relationship and that “it’s great.” She also offered this: "I don't depend on one area of my life to make me happy.

We just got engaged a few months ago, so I think it's safe to say it worked out OK!

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We lived across the city from each other, which took about an hour of travel time each way, so we were ready to finally start fresh with our own place.

This is about two months after Bella and The Weeknd reportedly split, and a little over a month after they shared a deliciously awkward moment on the runway of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris.